Director profile

Karen Nolan FCCA - Director

Karen Nolan

Karen is a specialist in delivering advice to SMEs across a wide range of sectors. Over the years she has developed a wealth of experience and has a strong background in Audit, Accountancy and Taxation. She believes in delivering a high level of business advice and customer service, and she always looks to exceed her clients’ expectations.

“I enjoy communicating and listening to our clients, helping them to achieve their aspirations and plan for their future”.

Telephone: 01625 260990

Ruth James BSc (Hons)FCA - Director

Ruth James

Ruth has gained extensive expertise within the profession, and specialises in acting for small and medium-sized companies in all aspects of Audit, Accountancy and Taxation. Ruth believes in supporting her clients and encouraging them to achieve their full potential and meet their commercial and personal goals.

“I love working with our clients and getting a real understanding of their business in order to form long lasting relationships and guide them to success”.

Telephone: 01625 260990