Nolan James specialise in providing high-quality business and taxation advice to the legal profession.

We understand the difficulties faced in running a profitable legal practice in the current climate. By working closely with you we will help maximise your profitability whilst minimising the regulatory burden.

With our in depth knowledge of the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) Accountancy Rules and a unique understanding of the commercial needs of practising solicitors, we can really make a difference to the financial performance of your business.

Some of the areas where Nolan James can help you include:

  • Preparing detailed accounts
  • Advising on record keeping and the practical implementation of the Solicitors Regulation Authority Accountancy Rules
  • Completing the Solicitors Regulation Authority Accountant’s Report
  • Notifying you in advance of your business tax liabilities
  • Preparing the Accountant’s Report to ensure minimum disruption to your business
  • Reviewing personal tax affairs and completing your self assessment return
  • Tax planning to minimise future taxation liabilities.

Nolan James are experienced in providing support to high value legal firms and other professionals. Our respected team of advisers can minimise the tax burden, freeing up your valuable time and allowing you to concentrate on maximising your profits.